South Texas is famous for trophy White Tail deer, and the 7000 acre La Parrilla Ranch offers you some of the finest! Our deer herd has been intensely managed since purchasing the ranch in 2000. In addition to our Managed Lands Deer Permit, we employ a variety of other methods to improve our deer herd; roller chopping, food plots, water system, supplemental feeding (protein, cotton seed) and annual helicopter surveys are just a few.

Our guides monitor deer activity daily and will determine the method and area that provides you the greatest opportunity for a successful hunt. Deer in the 140 B&C class are common with a few of the better animals reaching 190"!

It is our goal to see that you have a successful hunt and enjoy your time while at the La Parrilla Ranch. Have a question or comment? Feel free to call us at 512-784-7671 or drop us an email at info@laparrillaranch.com.




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